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School of Awareness in London 

Leading Workshops & Meditations for Inner Growth & Spiritual Development
School of Awareness in London leads life change and spiritual growth by creating transformational workshops & meditations for inner personal growth including: Heal Your Inner Child, Tantra, Osho Active Meditation, Enlightenment Intensives,
Family Constellation, Humaniversity AUM, Spiritual Coaching and Meditation-Socials in the Forest.
’An amazing place where people can truly be themselves without any judgements...’  Aga (Participant)


Heal Your Inner Child Workshops in London Tantra: Tantric Workshops in London - no sex or nudity
Edge of Gender 600 x 600 tab Tantra: Deepening in Love workshop in London
Inner Personal Power Workshop in London Tantra with Trees in the Forest
Enlightenment Intensives in London Living in the Moment Workshop in London: Using Eckharts Tolle's Power of Now  to bring you intensly into the present moment
Creating Your Own Spiritual Business - Workshop in London Creativity tab
Family Constellation Roots of Love in London


Daytime Walk Meditation and Social in the Forest
Night in the Forest with Walks and Meditations
Humaniversity AUM Meditation in London
Osho Active Meditation Courses in London


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As of December 2013 the
School of Awareness
has put on hold all
Workshops and Meditations
as Ankur, the Founder and Principal Facilitator, is taking time out to further explore and deepen his own Inner (and Outer) journeys.
For details please see the

Latest Newsletter.



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With Love