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School of Awareness in London 

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Enlightenment Intensives London UK

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  • About School of Awareness (SofA)

    About the School of Awareness (SofA)

    Awareness the Path, Truth the Goal

    The School of Awareness in London
     specialises in providing small group experiential workshops
    and meditations for inner personal growth and spiritual development
    including Inner Child, Tantra, Inner Personal Power, Living in the Moment,
    Creating Your Spiritual Business, Group Sharing, Active Meditations, and Socials in the Forest.
    All events are income based to make them open and accessible to all.

    The School of Awareness aims to support and expand individual and collective Self-Awareness, Consciousness and search for individual Truth by delivering high quality Empowering, Experiential and Transformational workshops, meditations and events that are affordable and open to all.

    We are not here to make you more knowledgeable, but with guidance allow you to go deeper into yourself to experience the real freedom, love, joy and peace it brings, and so become aware of your truth - who you truly are. Our aim is to show you that path, light the way and support you on your journey – but only you can actually walk Your Path. We do not represent any religion, sect, creed or cult - SofA is about You finding and experiencing Your truth, not about us telling you  how it 'should be'.

    The School of Awareness (SofA) was founded in March 2010 by Ankur to continue and expand the workshops, meditations and events, started in 2007 whilst he was a facilitator at the London College of Spirituality.

    SofA specialises in running high quality one-day workshops and events, mainly at weekends. To ensure these are open to as many people as possible, all chargeable events are ‘Income Based’ so participants choose what they pay based on what they can afford - see individual events for details.

    Workshops, Meditations and Events are currently held in and around London. Currently we run events in South London, Central London, East London and, in summer, Epping Forest. See individual events for venue details.

  • Contact Ankur at SofA
  • What is Awareness?
  • About Ankur - SofA Founder
  • 'First Steps' - Ankur's Journey

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